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Feeding hungry people since 2015.

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We are on a mission…

…to eliminate hunger for as many people as possible.

We have grown and distributed over two million pounds of fresh, organic, farm-grown produce since we started in 2015, but the need is ongoing, and growing.

In order to expand and make sure more people are fed, we need to grow, too.

We need your help to do it.

Please consider donating whatever you can afford to one or more of the projects below.

Thank you for all that you do,

David and Ursula Thompson

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Do you understand what it means to provide a sharing table?

6 Ways to Know That Your Apples and Pears Are Ready to Pick

6 Ways to Know That Your Apples and Pears Are Ready to Pick – Follow these simple tips to learn when your tree is ready to harvest.

Photo of Green Lacewing, or Aphid Lion

Green Lacewings – A Friendly Predator for Your Garden

Let’s talk about green lacewings – there is no other better predator to consume vast quantities of eggs and the soft bodies of aphids, mealy-bugs, spider mites, leaf hopper nymphs, caterpillar eggs, scales, thrips, and white-flies.

Please note: Donations are processed for Food Is Free Tacoma by Food Is Free Washington, a 501(c)(3) certified non-profit organization.