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The AARP has gifted Food Is Free Washington with a grant supplying up to 40 garden beds free of charge,
installed at 20 FIG sites throughout Tacoma…

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FIFW Gardening Tips

6 Ways to Know That Your Apples and Pears Are Ready to Pick

6 Ways to Know That Your Apples and Pears Are Ready to Pick - Follow these simple tips to learn when your tree is ready to harvest.
Photo of Green Lacewing, or Aphid Lion

Green Lacewings – A Friendly Predator for Your Garden

Let's talk about green lacewings - there is no other better predator to consume vast quantities of eggs and the soft bodies of aphids, mealy-bugs, spider mites, leaf hopper nymphs, caterpillar eggs, scales, thrips, and white-flies.

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junk food at a food bank

Keeping The Lights On

We work hard every single day to find food – we go pick up donations, we glean food from properties all over Tacoma and Pierce County, we transport it where it needs to go to be picked up by those who need it. We build streetside gardens, fill them up with donated soil, and maintain them throughout the year. We do everything we can to provide life-sustaining nutrition to needy families all over Tacoma, Pierce County, and soon, the entire State of Washington.

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