Food Is Free Tacoma

Tacoma Urban Farm

photo - Tacoma Urban Farm

photo - Cabbages and peas at Tacoma Urban Farm

photo - Tacoma Urban Farm, operated by Food Is Free Washington

Tacoma Urban Farm started in 2008…

…with a small 200 sq ft garden

It’s now grown to over 2000 square feet of in-ground, raised bed and greenhouse garden space.

We have used the large in ground garden space to grow corn and tomatoes because of the sun exposure. Our raised bed garden space is located on the front of the property where we grow leafy greens, peppers, and cabbage.

We keep chickens and ducks and use their manure for compost in our gardens, and we have bee boxes for honey bees.

We have 2 greenhouses to assist with starting seeds in the spring – our starts are provided to anyone who needs them for free!

We harvest rain water from our 4 rain water collection barrels for use in the garden.