Food Is Free Tacoma

Ted Erichsen Heritage Garden

photo - the entrance to the Ted Erichsen Heritage Garden

The entrance to the Ted Erichsen Heritage Garden

April 2021 - Ted Erichsen Heritage Garden Progress

The Ted Erichsen Heritage Garden is a 2500 square foot in-ground garden with automatic drip irrigation.

Ted Erichsen was a German immigrant…

…who landed in Tacoma after apprenticing in the Lime Kilns in Roche Harbor, WA. In 1925, Ted and his wife Tudi purchased the property on South Huson and 11th, in what is now Central Tacoma. He built a cabinet shop onto the backside of his house.

The Erichsen Cabinet Shop

The Erichsen Cabinet shop was started by Ted, and has been passed down to his grandsons, Butch and Booner Erichsen. Ted was an avid vegetable gardener, and fed his family from the garden he cultivated. He passed down his gardening knowledge and his commitment to community to his children and grandchildren.

A commitment to feeding the hungry

Several years ago the area that Ted used for his vegetable garden was relocated to another side of the property to be able to have a larger growing space. We met Butch through Harvest! Pierce County when he signed up to share his very large vegetable garden surplus. Butch donated over 1000 lbs of fruit and veggies from his garden and fruit trees to the Food is Free Project, Tacoma in the past 2 years. We’ve become friends, and in talking with Butch he decided that 1000 lbs wasn’t enough, and that he wanted to give more to Tacoma.

The garden grandfather built…

…now feeds the hungry in Tacoma

The area that Butch donated to Food is Free Project Tacoma is where his grandfather, Ted, grew food for his family many many years ago and is now the Ted Erichsen Heritage Garden.