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Vote for Food is Free Tacoma to Win the Seahawks Tundra

We’ll use the Seahawks Tundra to double our planting, harvesting, hauling and distribution capacity

First we want to say thank you!

We’re honored that our community nominated Food is Free Washington and Food is Free Tacoma to win the Seahawks Tundra

Food is Free Washington and Food is Free Tacoma are truly grassroots organizations. We cannot do what we do without strong support from the community. We were nominated to win the Seahawks Tundra by our friends and neighbors who work with us, support us, and rely on us, and we are forever grateful for their support and dedication to helping our neighbors who are in need.

Food is Free Washington and Food is Free Tacoma make a huge difference

Tacoma and Washington care about the people who live here, and we’ve been able to achieve more than we ever imagined when Food is Free Tacoma started in 2015:

  • We’ve distributed over 2.1 million pounds of produce since 2015, and we’re growing every year
  • Over 125 volunteers currently donate their time and energy to feeding their neighbors through food collection, distribution, or gleaning
  • We have built and maintain 40 streetside gardens – we distribute the harvest while it’s fresh! – and more gardens are on the way!

The Seahawks Tundra will be an essential and reliable vehicle to transport food and equipment

It’s expensive to maintain transportation, and we need a lot of it. We’ve driven multiple used vehicles into the ground transporting food and gardening equipment and supplies all over Pierce County. We’re always working to expand our programs, and we simply can’t do that without vehicles that have the capacity to haul and tow.

We want to revolutionize food security in Washington State

Fresh, healthy produce is the best, most nutritious kind of food there is. Too many people can’t access fresh, healthy produce because they live in food deserts, or they have to make tough choices between food and medicine and education because their family is under economic pressure or experiencing poverty. We need a new model for food distribution. Basic nutrition is something no one in America should ever be without, and the system isn’t working. We’re building that system, a system that will provide fresh, healthy food – not leftover junk or food that’s nearly spoiled. We grow it, we harvest it, we distribute it while its fresh, and the people we serve are healthier and happier for it. That’s good for everyone.

You can help us do it with your vote.

We ask for money and volunteers all the time – and we still need money and volunteers – but this time, all we’re asking for is a vote.

If we win the Seahawks Tundra, we will use it to produce and distribute hundreds of thousands of pounds of food that we wouldn’t have otherwise.

And making sure our neighbors don’t go hungry is what we want more than anything else.

Vote for Food is Free Tacoma

Vote for Food is Free Tacoma to win the Seahawks Tundra! We’ll put it to great use, fighting hunger and giving hope to neighbors who need it for years to come.